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Save for what your business really needs

As your business grows, your savings accounts need to be able to keep up. Do you want to earn interest and have overdraft protection, automate how you maximize earnings potential for excess funds or are you looking for tax-advantaged savings? Our products work hard behind the scenes, building your savings while safeguarding the assets you’ve worked hard to build.

Wondering which savings account is right for your business? Compare our business savings products.

Business Money Markets — If you want a competitive interest-bearing savings option that you can access in a pinch, our business MMAs are able to be drawn from any time your business is in need of funds.

Sweep Accounts — Trying to increase returns, reduce interest expenses, prevent overdrafts and manage finances more efficiently? Choose from our Business Line of Credit Sweep, Investment Sweep, or Zero Balance Accounts to automatically transfer funds between accounts at the end of the business day.

ICS® — Insured Cash Sweep® service — Receive multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance in a fully liquid account featuring an attractive interest rate.  Withdrawals can be made at any time for immediate access to funds.

Business Certificates of Deposit — We offer competitive rates and flexible terms for long term goals.

Health Savings Accounts — Ask us about a triple tax-advantaged savings and spending account for today’s qualified healthcare expenses. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor.

CDARS — the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®— A convenient way to access FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar CD deposits.

View our deposit rates.

To learn more about which account could be right for you, call our Cash Management team at 860-448-4295, or stop by your local branch.

**Consult your tax advisor.

Cash Management Team

Lori Dufficy
Lori Dufficy

EVP, Chief Experience and Engagement Officer

(860) 448-4184
Alexis Kahn

FVP, Cash Management Sales Manager

(860) 448-4157
Headshot for Harry Colonis
Harry Colonis

VP, Business Development Officer

(860) 448-4269
Jen Willingham
Jennifer Willingham

AVP, Cash Management Officer

(860) 572-4036
Mandy Crispim, Cash Managment Officer
Mandy-Lyn Crispim

AT, Cash Management Officer

(860) 448-4231
Kelly Meakem Digital Banking Operations Manager
Kelly Meakem

AVP, Digital Banking Operations Manager

(860) 572-4059
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Senior Digital Banking Operations Representative

(860) 448-4203