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Security and Fraud Prevention.

illustration of people holding symbols of cyber security around a laptop

We are committed to security and fraud prevention by providing you with secure access to online accounts and protecting your personal financial information from fraud. We take security and fraud protection seriously.

Chelsea Groton Bank will never contact you to ask for your online/mobile banking User ID and Password, or Debit Card number. If you receive any notification or phone call requesting this information, do not provide this or any other personal information. When in doubt, or if you feel your information may have been compromised, contact our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200 during business hours.

If your personal online information was compromised, change your User ID, Password, and Security questions immediately in our Online and Mobile Banking app. It’s important to only make account updates on a device you know is secure. Please email Security@chelseagroton.com at any time, or notify a Chelsea Groton Bank representative during regular business hours by calling our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200.

Take proactive measures to protect your online identity! Here are additional tips for security and fraud prevention:

  • Never share your User ID and Password with anyone. It’s a best practice for joint account holders to have separate login IDs and passwords.
  • Use caution when conducting business online. Do you know who you’re online with? Is it a known business or known individual? Were you expecting communication from them or was it unsolicited?
  • Use caution when opening attachments or links provided in an email. If you hover over a link without clicking it, you’ll notice the full URL of the link’s destination. Do you recognize the website? If not, do not open.
  • Never send money, gift cards, or cash a check or transfer money via a wire or electronic payment system. If you’re being threatened with law enforcement action, or you think it sounds ‘too good to be true’, it’s likely a scam. 
  • Imposter scams are going around. Scammers may claim to be from your bank, say there is fraud on your account, and instruct you to transfer money to stop it.
    • If this happens to you: Do not provide any personal information or transfer money as a result of unsolicited calls, texts, emails or pop-ups. Chelsea Groton Bank will never reach out and ask you to transfer money for any reason. If you are ever unsure, hang up the phone and call Chelsea Groton’s Customer Care team at 860-448-4200 or email Security@chelseagroton.com
  • There is a current scam technique called phishing, where scammers are attempting to deceptively steal money or personal information. It will seem like it’s coming from a legitimate trusted source and will require your immediate action.
    • If this happens to you: Don’t feel pressure to respond immediately. Do not click on links or attachments as they may contain malware. Do not provide any financial or personal information to the caller. Chelsea Groton Bank will never reach out to you to ask for account details.

Chelsea Groton Bank has made the Chelsea University online learning hun available to provide identity theft, scam awareness, and cyber security training and resources to all members of the community. Within Chelsea University, community members will also discover additional courses, articles, calculators, games, and progress tracking to assist with any financial goal.

Ready to get started?
To take advantage of all the Chelsea University online learning center has to offer, be sure to create your personalized profile, and then check out the featured cybersecurity resources below.

Course: Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft and Scams
Learn how to protect your identity and sensitive information from online scams and real-world threats in the ever-evolving junction between technology and personal finance. Start course.

Articles: Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Protection
Read up on how to protect yourself, the latest scam types to be aware of, activities to avoid, and more.

Check out these security and fraud prevention videos to learn about what identity theft is, and how to protect yourself against it.

Additional Resources
Looking for more ways to protect yourself?

For assistance with security and fraud prevention concerns related to your Debit Card, Credit Card, and Checkbook:

Visa® Debit Card
For general questions or help, contact our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200.

If you have misplaced your card or it has been stolen:

  • Turn your card off immediately via the Card Service Center in Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Contact our Customer Care Center or call 1-833-337-6075 in order to flag the account and order a new card.

If you notice unauthorized transactions on your card:

  • Turn your card off immediately via the Card Service Center in Online or Mobile Banking, then contact our Customer Care Center for assistance.
  • If we have contacted you regarding suspicious transactions, or to notify us of suspicious transactions after hours, please call 1-833-337-6075.

To notify us of your travel plans:

  • Send us a secure message via the Card Service Center in Online or Mobile Banking or call our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200.
  • It is important to notify us in advance of your travel to ensure your account is updated, to prevent your transactions from being stopped.

If you are overseas and your card stops working:

  • please contact Fraud Prevention at 1-833-337-6075.
  • There are certain countries we block in an effort to protect your accounts from unauthorized/fraudulent transactions. Please be informed that if you attempt to use your Debit card in one of these countries OR a transaction originates from one of these countries, the transaction will be denied.

Visa® Credit Card
For questions regarding your Chelsea Groton Bank Visa Credit Card, contact us at 800-558-3424.
To apply for a Chelsea Groton Bank Visa Credit Card online, click here or stop by your nearest branch for assistance. The Bank serves communities in eastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island.

Lost/Stolen Checkbook
If you lose your check or checkbook, immediately place a Stop Payment via the Banking Service Center in Online or Mobile Banking.
Order new checks from the Banking Service Center in Online Banking* or contact our Customer Care Center.
Contact our Customer Care Center so we can look at the account with you to determine if a stop payment provides enough protection or if the account should be closed.

*Fees may apply. Please see our Schedule of Charges for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200, you may also send us a secure email through your online banking.

Chelsea Groton Bank will never ask you to reveal or confirm any personal or account information over the phone or from an email unless you’ve called us and we’re attempting to identify you. If you’ve given out this information, contact our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200 during normal working hours or visit your local branch.

Before depositing or cashing the check, discuss your concerns with the teller. CGB will do our best to verify the validity of the check. Keep in mind that you are in the best position to know who and where the check came from and that you are ultimately responsible for any checks that are returned unpaid.

Contact our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200 or visit your local CGB branch immediately. Our staff will help you determine what action to take. This may include closing your existing accounts and opening new ones or placing a fraud alert on your credit report.

Contact our Customer Care Center at 860-448-4200 immediately for assistance. Depending on the situation you may be asked to go to one of our branches to close the account to prevent future losses.