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Join a Book Club in 2024!


Step into a community of avid readers with Chelsea Groton Bank. We offer a variety of book clubs all year round, so there is sure to be one that piques your interest. Interested in reading books based in CT, or written by authors who have lived in the Nutmeg State? Our Mystic Book Club could...

Celebrate Financial Wellness Month


Financial Wellness Month serves as a helpful reminder about the “healthy” financial habits we can build to manage money today and achieve our goals for the future. Here are some ways you can celebrate Financial Wellness Month in 2024 and beyond: Track/Manage your expenses. Have you ever created a budget? And if so, did...

Safe Online Banking Best Practices


With paramount convenience and ease of use, its no wonder that more than three-quarters of Americans bank digitally. With the increase of online banking, its important to practice safe online banking habits. Stay diligent and be aware of red flags signaling a potential scam. For more tips, visit the Banks security section on the website....

What is Pig-Butchering?


What starts as an innocuous greeting, something as simple as Hi, how is it going?, can lead to the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars. Have you been the recipient of these texts recently? If so, its not a long-lost friend; its a new cryptocurrency long-con scam called Pig-Butchering. What is Pig-Butchering? It...

How Much Should You Save for a House?


While the thought of owning a home is thrilling, meticulous planning and discipline is needed to save for a house. The first step is to establish a budget, especially for renters, to help determine an affordable monthly payment. A common rule suggests not exceeding one-third of your income on housing expenses.  It is important to...

Best of Bauer Chelsea Groton Bank Serving the Community with 5-Star Strength


BauerFinancial, Inc., the Nations Premier Bank Rating Firm, announced that Chelsea Groton Bank has earned its highest, 5-Star rating for 119 consecutive quarters. Chelsea Groton Bank has also earned a Best of Bauer Bank designation, which is reserved solely for those banks that have earned and maintained Bauers 5-Star Rating for financial strength and stability...

What Do Closing Costs Include?


Buying a home gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, however, it comes with multiple expenses beyond the purchase price. These expenses are essential to the final stages of the process, and having a clear understanding of what they include will help you prepare financially. Read on for what closing costs include, gain practical tips...

Rodney A. Butler


2023 in Review


A Message from Tony 2023 was a year of change for Chelsea Groton Bank, and for me. From taking on my new role as President and CEO of the Bank and President of the Chelsea Groton Foundation, to the renovation of the Groton headquarters building, it was a year of growth. As I reflect on...

Rodney A. Butler Elected to Chelsea Groton Banks Board of Trustees


Rodney A. Butler, Chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, was recently elected to Chelsea Groton Banks Board of Trustees. He became a Corporator of the Bank in April 2022. We are pleased to welcome Rodney Butler to our Board of Trustees, said Anthony Joyce, President and CEO of Chelsea Groton Bank. He is a...