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5 Things You Didn’t Know ‘Manage My Money’ Can Do

Manage My Money is a powerful financial tool that’s built to help you! Looking for a more streamlined way to view your finances? Or want to try new budgeting techniques? Check the list below of all the things you may not have known Manage My Money can do!

Manage My Money can do a lot!

Did you know…

  1. You can review income and spending trends over a period of time to gain insights into your financial patterns?
  2. You can categorize how your money is being spent so you can make informed decisions on your spending?
  3. You can track your money across all of your financial accounts (not just Chelsea Groton accounts) in one place?
  4. You can make goals whether you are looking to build your savings, pay off debts or save for a car, college, a vacation, or retirement?
  5. You can track your investment portfolio and adjust your strategy in real time? 

Explore all the ways this tool can work for you! Begin to improve your money management today!