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Get to Know Karen Bilodeau

Karen Bilodeau is dedicated to working towards the greater good for her customers, especially when it comes to helping her customers. Her commitment to researching options, and making sure customers know what they can afford helps make the homebuying process easier for everyone. Learn more about Karen!

1. What is your current role and department?
My current roll is Mortgage Specialist, located in the Glastonbury, CT Lending Center.  I specialize in offering affordable lending programs in the Hartford County area. 

2. What do you love most about working at Chelsea Groton Bank? 
What I love most about Chelsea Groton Bank is that the goal of every employee is customer satisfaction.  I also love that we are a community bank. We have several fundraisers that help the community, and there is always a cause that we can volunteer for. The technology is outstanding, our IT department is always available when I need it.  My mortgage support staff is outstanding and is always available to help.  There is never a “not my job” mentality, we all work together for the greater good for our customers.

3. What are you most proud of in your work at Chelsea?
It makes me very proud to help my affordable lending customers. I am very proficient in the CHFA programs, which includes the Time To Own grants and downpayment assistance program.  I research grants for customers that do not have funds for downpayment and closing costs.  I explain the mortgage process, and obtain documentation upfront so that I can submit to underwriting for a pre-approval. When clients do go shopping for a home, they know exactly what they can afford and the realtors appreciate that their income, assets, and credit documents have already been reviewed by an underwriter. 

4. Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work. 
Outside of work, I help raise my granddaughter, Mackenzie who is 4. She stays at Grandma’s house overnight a few days a week, as my son is a single dad.  I am a passionate flower gardener; I have several perennial gardens and I have arranged the perennials so that I have blooms from spring to late fall.  I also live on a lake, where we have several activities for the children in our lake community, such as kiddie bingo, arts, and crafts, and we have bands that play for the adults every other weekend. I am looking forward to the warm weather so we can start swimming and fishing. 

5. What are some things you like to do to support the community?
I incorporate my work life into my personal life by helping families with low income to clothe their children. I find children’s clothes at tag sales or via donations and I then donate them to a church in Lebanon, CT.  Every month, weather permitting, the church gives away the clothes to needy families. They put out racks of clothes for all ages, along with books, games, cribs, infant formula, etc. 

Interested in learning more about the first time homebuyer and affordable lending products Chelsea Groton offers? Check out the Bank’s website or contact Karen Bilodeau, NMLS ID#: 111122, by phone at (860) 934-1301 or email at kbilodeau@chelseagroton.com.