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Connect with us! Schedule with Chelsea Calendar.

scheduling an appointment with Chelsea Calendar

Chelsea Groton Bank strives to bring customers exceptional service, which includes offering a range of convenient tools and services. With this in mind, the Bank is excited to invite customers and community members to schedule appointments with Chelsea Calendar to meet with a Bank subject matter expert.

The flexibility to choose your preferred meeting method, reschedule, or meet with a specific person allows customers to tailor the meeting to best match their needs. When an appointment is booked online, customers will be emailed reminders of their upcoming appointment and the materials needed to conduct certain banking transactions, if applicable. Not the best with email? Opt in for text message reminders instead!

Find out for yourself how easy it is to schedule with Chelsea Calendar and meet with a subject matter expert. We look forward to connecting with you!

Questions about how to schedule appointments with Chelsea Calendar? Contact our Customer Care team.