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Tori Heim

AT, Customer Solutions Manager, Westside

Tori Heim

NMLS# 1884914

How Can I Help You?

Whether it comes to setting financial goals, building savings, or opening a first-time checking account, I take your banking needs personally, as if they were my own. I am dedicated to providing support on an individual, business, and community level because together we are stronger. I proudly lead the Westside branch, collaborating with my team, working one-on-one with customers, and teaching classes through our Chelsea University financial education program.

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A Little About Tori Heim

Tori Heim joined Chelsea Groton in 2017 as a Float Teller and accepted several promotions with the latest as Branch Manager of the Westside branch in 2023.

She received her CFT Introduction to Supervisor Certificate and was a graduate of the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership program in 2021.

She is very active in her community, serving as a committee member for the Stonington Veterans Monument and serving as a Board Member and Treasurer for Higher Edge.