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Christen Brewer

AS, Digital Innovation & Design Specialist

Christen Brewer

How Can I Help You?

I am the Graphic Designer and Digital Specialist for the Bank. My role is to curate visually appealing and dynamic advertisements, web graphics, and program collateral for community outreach. My expertise in design principles and digital strategy ensures that every campaign is engaging and effective in conveying the Bank’s initiatives and mission.

A Little About Christen Brewer

In 2019, Christen Brewer joined Chelsea Groton, leveraging her extensive experience in design and marketing. Christen is a member of One Chelsea, the Bank’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative. Additionally, she co-chair ENGAGE, Chelsea Groton’s employee engagement committee. When she’s not busy with work or volunteering, Christen enjoys pursuing creativity through art and nature.

She is a graduate of Mitchell College, with a degree in Graphic Design/Fine Arts. Her dedication to community service is evident through her passionate involvement as a board member for St. Vincent de Paul Place.