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Local Business Spotlight: Regional Innovation Center

The Regional Innovation Center opened its doors in October 2023 and is a dynamic community hub that provides support and resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Learn more about the Innovation Center below!


Tony Sheridan, President/CEO


Regional Innovation Center at the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT


92 Eugene O’Neill Drive, New London, CT 06320

How many years has the business been open?

The Regional Innovation Center held its grand opening in October 2023. The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, however, traces its roots back to 1910!

What is the mission of your organization?

To small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, the Regional Innovation Center is a community hub that offers affordable support and resources to ignite growth and success. Through Chamber programming, inclusive partner services, physical office solutions, and dedicated advocacy, we provide the tools needed for individuals and businesses to thrive collaboratively.

What do you love about your business/industry?

The passion displayed by enterprising business owners and community leaders inspires us every day. The Chamber of Commerce has always offered a robust network of B2B connections and resources, and now, the Innovation Center complements this with a physical facility where participants can co-work, attend programs, and more.

What do you love most about the community where you do business?

The region of eastern Connecticut is dynamic and exciting. From the scenic northeast to the southern coastline and everywhere in between, there is something for every interest, age, and taste. Few other places could boast beaches, state parks, culinary delights, museums, world-class entertainment venues, and top-ranked education and employment opportunities, all within a short driving distance from one another.  

What is your vision for the future of your business and/or your community?

A great day at the Regional Innovation Center might look like an entrepreneur arriving at our private parking lot or hopping off the train 5 minutes from our front door. After grabbing their free morning coffee and saying hello to the Chamber team headquartered on site, they plug in to their sit-stand co-working station, or maybe pop in their earbuds and focus in a lounge pod for the day. They might take the chance to meet with our Chelsea Groton Banker in Residence or take a working lunch attending a marketing or HR workshop in the on-site conference space, before winding down after a productive day of work.


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