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Fraud Watch: Felony Lane Gang

Car break-ins, altered appearance, disguises, and impersonations all sound to be part of an espionage tale right? However, it’s a tale that could be happening a stones’ throw away. The Felony Lane Gang (FLG) utilize those methods effectively to become a thorn in the FBI’s side to the point that a designated task force was created to combat their efforts.  

What is the Felony Lane Gang?

Originating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida nearly a decade ago, the Felony Lane Gang is an organized crime group that cashes checks from stolen identities. The group employs drug addicts or others in “hopeless” situations who need money or drugs. FLG is known to be expansive and has popped up all along the east coast as far up as southern Maine. As of this year, 1,500 members have been arrested.

Using the smash-and-grab method, men in the gang frequently target women’s vehicles at locations like daycares, gyms, and parks. In an unregistered or altered vehicle, they will canvas the area before approaching the vehicle on foot and using a hammer or spring-loaded center punch to pop the vehicle-side window and steal a purse or wallet. The crime can happen within minutes; as quickly as dropping a child at daycare.

Using the newly stolen identification card, women in the gang use disguises to alter their appearance to match that of the identity on the card and try to withdraw small amounts of money in hopes they avoid detection and lessen suspicion.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself

Prevention is easy! Do not leave valuables in your car, especially in plain sight. Take your wallets, pocketbooks, purses, and other bags that include identification, banking information, and other important personal information with you when you leave your vehicle.

If an I.D., bank cards, credit cards, or other identifying information is stolen, notify the police, your bank, and applicable agencies immediately. For more information on what to do if your credit, ATM, and Debit cards are stolen, please review Chelsea Groton Bank’s security page and review additional guidance here.