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Shifting Bozrah Auto Into High Gear

Bozrah Automotive Repair Center was founded in 2014 by David and Beth Wigfield. David, a mechanic, handled all repairs himself, while Beth managed the appointments, bookkeeping, and other duties related to the management of the business. When they first opened the business, they rented a 2-bay garage. There was no reception area for a customer to sit, and no office space. After a successful first year in business, David and Beth decided to purchase a vacant property across the street (4 Rachel Drive, Bozrah) and build a larger shop. The new space is 3,200 square feet and includes a waiting room and office. As business continued to increase, they hired their first employee, and continued to grow their team from there.

Today, David works alongside two additional mechanics. Beth continues to manage all the bookkeeping, and a full-time office manager has also joined the team.

Growing a Business and Banking Efficiencies

“When we first started our business, we opened a business account with the same bank we had always used for our personal accounts. We had a basic business checking and savings account and we were able to pay bills online,” shared Beth. “When the bank was bought out by a larger financial institution, we started to notice some new fees we weren’t previously charged and there were some differences in global customer service, so we felt it was the right time to consider a local community bank.”

David and Beth were familiar with Chelsea Groton Bank from their involvement in the local community and met with Alexis Kahn, Cash Management Sales Manager, to learn more about the products and services available at Chelsea Groton.

“Alexis and her team were amazing. They really handled everything and talked us through every step we needed to transition all of our accounts,” shared Beth.

Bozrah Auto uses Chelsea Groton’s business analysis account as well as the ACH Origination Service, which allows Bozrah Auto to electronically send funds to its various vendors, streamlining the process and cutting down on the need to mail and reconcile outstanding paper checks. Moreover, with the analysis account, Bozrah Auto is able to use its balances to offset the cost of cash management services such as ACH Origination. “ACH takes a bit of time to set up because you need to collect the bank information of the vendors you work with, but once the information is collected, the process is really seamless. The team walked us through how to batch payments, monitor the system, and more,” shared Beth. Bozrah Auto is also exploring Positive Pay, an added safeguard to protect against potential fraud on their account.

Bozrah Auto’s credit card terminal and processing is set up through Chelsea Groton’s merchant services partner, Heartland, an industry leader in innovative merchant services and payment processing. “Previously, credit card transactions would take three days or so to show up. With Heartland, everything shows up the next business day, which is really great because we have bills to pay and payroll to manage. Seeing funds come in so quickly allows us to manage all of our books better,” shared Beth.

“We worked with the Norwichtown branch team over several weeks to transition all our business and personal accounts,” continued Beth. “Everything on the Chelsea Groton side was quick and easy. Everyone was helpful and made you feel you were a part of the family. It was such a nice environment to be part of for what one would assume was a tedious task.”

“It felt good to go with a local bank who we know is so committed and involved in the community, and who gives back to the community,” shared David.

“And everyone treats us well as people. They ask how the kids are doing, they know what’s going on in your life,” added Beth. “It makes you feel like everyone at Chelsea Groton has your best interest in mind.”

Future of Bozrah Auto

“Our business has grown more than we could have ever expected,” shared David. “We’re hoping to delay any additional expansions for now, but we anticipate having to expand the Repair Center at some point in the future. Since Covid, most people are fixing what they own versus looking to buy new vehicles, so we anticipate there will be a continued need for the services we provide. Our technicians are all well-trained, and we’re keeping up with ensuring we have modern equipment to continue to service the vehicles the very best we can.”