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Debit Cards

ATM/Debit Card

Access your checking or statement savings account with either card. Your Chelsea Groton Bank Visa debit card allows you the convenience to use your card anywhere Visa cards are welcome. Get cash from your checking account at thousands of ATMs worldwide where you see the Cirrus, Sum or MoneyPass logos.

If your debit card is lost or stolen please call 1-800-264-5578 or 701-461-0621.

To make sure that only YOU can use your Chelsea Groton Bank Visa debit card to purchase items online you are now required to register for Verified by Visa. It's simple and quick! Follow these easy steps.

Please register your Chelsea Groton Bank Visa debit card now for added convenience and additional security protection

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Credit Cards

At Chelsea Groton Bank, our industry leading personal and business credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options - making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs. Learn More or Apply Now.

Existing customers - Access your credit card services.

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Due to the increase in fraud, certain locations are blocked or restricted from debit card access.View the list of blocked and restricted locations.

If you are traveling outside the country, please contact your local branch to help prevent potential restriction by our Fraud Watch program.

Updated News for Target Card Alert

Target Stores Inc. has announced a major breach in which unauthorized access to payment card data between November 27, 2013 and December 15, 2013 may have impacted 40 million credit and debit cards. Please be aware that we have identified and mailed a letter to any Chelsea Groton cardholders that we believe could be impacted by this breach, notifying them that we are in the process of reissuing a new debit card to them. Currently, we anticipate that these cards will be mailed to affected customers by January 10, 2014 and that we will deactivate the compromised cards shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, due to information that we have received regarding fraudulent activity on card numbers compromised by this breach, we have taken extraordinary measures to protect our customers. Therefore, we recently reduced the purchase limit on all compromised cards to $300.00 but we did not change ATM transaction limits. In addition, we may have to take other precautionary measures in regards to the compromised cards or that may affect other cardholders during a short period of time until this reissue is completed. Please be aware that in such event, we anticipate having to reduce or block signature based transactions in certain areas of the country but PIN based transactions would be unaffected.

If during this period of time, you are having difficulty completing a transaction, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Center at (860) 448-4200 for assistance. Our personnel will do everything possible to facilitate your purchases while we overcome the impact of this breach.